Clan Yay!!!  5-20-03

Congrats to Lord BigPerm.  His plans for clan expansion are now taking place, and his server is now online with great pings for all members, and guests to play on.  Visit his server at

Gaming Yay!!!

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is the follow up to Star Wars® Jedi Knight® II: Jedi Outcast™, the best selling premium priced PC game in America, United Kingdom, and Germany upon initial release in 2002.  Click here for the official site.

New Zabrak skin by Darth Algar

Check out Algars new Zabrak skin here (members can obtain it from the FTP).  Great color schemes, with 3 versions available.

Congrats to the Venom Triad winners

Our clans top 3 duelers in the VTT are:

                          Inskipp, Leset, and Zed Zion.

Ownage Pics submitted by +POO+

Here are some pics submitted by our pals at +POO+ educating the [V] clan leader.

Clan YAY!!!

Goes out to +POO+

We had a friendly TeamFFA with them.  They were great hosts with exceptional skills, and they kept the matches very close.  But best of all we had fun.  So cheers to the +POO+ Clan!!!

Mod YAY!!!

Goes out to Dueler's Mod v1.2

Choose how you can duel your opponents in 3 different ways, standard, with saber throw, or with force powers.  Even the admin tools are great for dealing with lamers or unwanted visitors.  Click here to download and check it out.

Clan BOO

Goes out to the [V] Clan Leader.  He came to our server and lost every duel, even to our visitors, and he did nothing but complain about how specials gave backlash.  Excuse me?  Well in a real fight if I punched you in the head I'm sure you'd feel the recoil buddy.  We like to keep our game true to life.  You can't even keep your mouth shut when you lose.  At least say GF or Nice shot, not just bitch like a whore on payday.  Set an example if your going to be a Clan leader.  No wonder why ALL your former members left?  So a big BOO goes out to you.  P.S. Learn to speak English.  Try Hooked on Phonics.