Elite skilled and Deadly Knight class.  Lords play a major factor in Klan ideas, and standings.  Highly regarded by the Klan leader, where failure is no option. Level2 Server Admin


Highly skilled class of Knight.  Governing the play in the !SoS! server, ensuring all players abide by Klan rules. Level2 server Admin


Fulfills certain duties or missions needed by the Klan, Lords or Master.  Serves as the liaison for the Master's plans, decisions, actions, and messages. Level1 server Admin


Well skilled Jedi that protect the integrity of the !SoS! Klan server, and it's guests.  Supports Lords, Paladins, and Knights in missions when necessary.


Basic skilled Jedi developing their skills under the guidance of Lords, Paladins, and Knights.


New Jedi learning the basics of JK2-JO, and the !SoS! Klan its rules, and members.